This is true a story of two young girls travelling the Universe with only their smiles to protect them. Winners of a tour to visit the top ten holiday planets in the Universe. The stunning sisters, Winnie and Wander, find freedom of expression in the unknown worlds.

With a lack of discretion, one twin over-enamours Jonno Huutch, a local hoodlum. This sets in motion a trail of events that threatens to destroy them. Huutch now scours the Universe to get Wander. He sends his violent henchmen to kidnap her and after a series of misadventures - their quest is dramatically ended.

The twins are travelling with two assistants representing the tour management, who find themselves in their own special brand of fresh adventures. As money and time run out, what will happen to the tour, and the people still in peril?

The novel is more sensuous than erotic, but has a tour de force of imaginative concepts and imagery. The story moving from one bizarre scenario to other extremes of fantasy. Heavenly Twins offers a wide range of imaginative environments, creatures and adventures. Poignant in places, sensuous in others, the tale brings a smile to the readerís lips and a sense of wonder to the mind.