The war against the Chreech is destined to result in the annihilation of the humans left on Earth. But for the fortuitous discovery by one of the intelligent battleships, and its unorthodox action, the Earth is saved, and the enemy destroyed.

This extreme act leads to the discovery of a planet, colonised by humans, who have been forgotten for over a hundred years. Left to fend for themselves, they are without resources to make metal. They survive with a basic technology and without electricity, they live as 19th century pioneers. The mystery of their banishment from human society deepens as itís discovered they have defeated a high-tech Creech invasion - a century earlier.

Two rebel modern humans discover contrasts in the lifestyles of the two planets, but which is the better? What is the secret of the colonyís banishment? Dare they risk the wrath of their superiors to discover who is guilty?

A cautionary tale of the human species, split in contrasting worlds. Planet hopping for one elite group, living by candlelight for the other. A deep secret revealed that could change the entire universe.

Imaginative worlds so different to our own, yet with beings we recognise as keeping human values.